Cool Movie Browser - Settings - part 1

There are few things that Cool Movie Browser needs to be properly set up:
  • list of movie file extensions
  • folders where you keep the movie files
  • media players used for watching the movies.
To start the configuration dialog we have to click on the button "Config" and we'll get the Settings dialog.

1. Movie File Extensions

To be able to discover your movies, the application needs these extensions. They are in the format ".avi" (dot followed by the extension). In case of multiple extensions we have to separate them by "space character" (blank).

Also, at the right-end of the extensions text field there is an icon with "hint", which briefly explain the rule of extensions.

Note: Application has already set some default extensions: .avi .wmv .mpg .mp4 .divx .nrg

2. Media Folders

The folders editor is a table, which allow us to edit, remove and add new folders to the list.

2.1 Editing an existing folder is enabled by clicking on the row, and either typing the name of the folder, or using the "browse" button (little button with ...) from the end of edit line.

2.2. Deleting of and existing folder is done by editing the folder to empty string (remove th whole name) and the click ENTER (automatically empty  row is removed).

2.3. Adding a new folder can be done by clicking of the last row with the test [folder path] and then like at the point 2.1 we can edit the new folder followed by pressing the ENTER key.

Note: In case that the folders are on the same machine, on different hard-drives the above explications are OK !

2.4. For remote folders from another computers, then we have to prepare remote access to then, by using the Window "folder sharing/mapping" features.

2.4.1. To share a folder in windows, we go on the remote computer and just right-click on it, select the option "Sharing and Security", check the "share" check-box, select eventually the rights for access (but by default it's read-only share). More you can read from Microsoft support page.

2.4.2 To map a remote shared folder to your computer, you go on the computer where you installed Cool Movie Browser, and the go to the network places (or in the Windows Explorer type \\your-remote-computer-name in the address bar), select the computer and shared folder, and then right click-on it and select option "Map network Drive...", select a letter for your mapped drive, check on the "Reconnect at logon" and then you done by clicking OK button. More you can read from Microsoft support page.

>>> The next page is about setting up the Media Players.

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