Cool Movie Browser - User's guide

At startup the application is browsing the configured folders for movies (in case you added or deleted some) in order to display an actualized list.

There are 3 areas that compose the application:
- top toolbar
- movie list
- bottom toolbar.

1. Top Toolbar

The top toolbar contains the main action buttons and the search control.

The action buttons are:
- Refresh, for launching the movie discovery task
- Search, to search for the movies that contain the typed text in their names.
- All, after a search action to display the all movies list
- Settings, to launch the settings dialog.
- Info, to display the version of the application
- Home, to go to the home web page for more information.

2. Movie List

Displays the movies in 2 modes:

- detailed mode: image + movie name + folder location in a list layout.

- matrix mode: image in a matrix layout to quickly identify your movie in case of big list.

On this list we can execute some actions, allowed by the popup menu, which is displayed by right-clicking on a movie.
So, we can perform the following actions:
- play the selected movie
- rename the selected movie
- change the image for the movie, by choosing another one from your computer
- delete image, so we can then "Refresh" and try to discover another one  (usually this an action that follows the rename movie one).
- delete movie from your hard-drive (careful with it, 'cause we cannot undo it).

3. Bottom Toolbar

The bottom toolbar was explained in the section related with the "Playlists - part 1"

4. Online Live TV

This screen contains on top bar a simple list of links for the sites, and at the bottom a web browser, which will be used to load the live stream, from Internet, for the selected show.

The toolbar is just a collection of your favorite websites, can be edited from the "favorites" button..


5. Floating toolbar

In version 1.9.110404 some enhancements were added:

- added the floating toolbar in Movie Library screen,

- added the rename and delete of the categories in a right-click menu,

- improved the movie poster image discovery,

- increased width of the main window.

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