Cool Movie Player - Playlists

After we finished the configuration and the application started to discover the movies and their images, we are good to go and use it for what was supposed to do "watch your movies".

You can see the list of all movies in detailed mode (image + name of movie + location where is was loaded from), or in the matrix mode (just images - no text), by clicking on the bottom check-box called "Hide name".

Here on the bottom toolbar we have few controls:
- text indicator of status (# of movies, pending tasks)
- double play icon button is to play and/or configure the playlists.
- play icon button is to play the selected movies (1 or more)
- hide names check-box allows to switch between "detailed mode" and "matrix mode"
- hint indicator that to play a movie is enough just to double-click on it
- error icon button displays the errors log, in case that they appear in the system (and which can be very helpful for debugging).

1. Creation of the playlist

This can be done in 2 ways:

- fast way, by selecting a group of movies, then right click on them and select the option "Create playlist", followed by setting the name, and then it's save and ready to use.

- detailed way, by clicking on "double-play icon button" (playlist button) from the bottom toolbar, which opens a playlist editor, where we can rename, delete, add, change the order of the movies.

The explanation about using the playlist editor are here.

2. Watching the playlist 

This can be done by selecting the playlist from the menu that opens when we hover with the mouse on top of the "playlist button" - without clicking on it.

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