Installation of Cool Movie Browser


  1. This application requires the Java Runtime (JRE >= 1.8.0) -  and if you don't have it - don't worry, the installer will propose to download it, directly from the Oracle website.
  2. have VLC Player (optional, but recommended)

  1. After you bought the applications (thanks), you downloaded the installer CoolMovieBrowser-1.9.110404-setup.exe file.
  2. You double-click on this file and then a classic installation wizard dialog will lead you to simple steps (pressing next-next-next) of the installation process.
  1. After that you'll have a link on your desktop, which allows you easily to start the application.


  1. have Java 1.8.x installed
  2. have Firefox installed
  3. have VLC Player (optional, but recommended)

  1. Unzip the cool movie browser archive.

  1. set the executable mode to the script (example> chmod +x
  2. launch the application from script (example> ./

- The trial allows you 10 days of full access to all features of the application.
- After that the application will stop working.
- If you want to continue using it you have to buy it.
Next step is setting up the configuration of the  application.

Note: In case you install the full version, it's recommended to uninstall the trial version first.



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