Cool Movie Browser - Playlists - part 3

The playlist are very important dynamic feature of the application because they allow the user to group a set of movies (i.e. Terminator 1, 2, 3, 4), which easily can be found and played.

Right-click action on each list (playlist or/and movie) will display the menu with the available actions (play, or move up or down).

So for making the playlists more available we created the second tab (screen)  which allows two modes of operating:
- editor, as we have already explained in the Playlists - part 2 (playlist dialog), and
- player, we can play one whole playlist, or individual movie from the playlist. In case of big list of playlist, we have the possibility to minimize/restore the list of movies, by using the 2 arrow buttons from the below toolbar.

Editor mode:
To enter in edit mode we have to double-click on a row. We can edit the name of the playlist, the list of movies, and their sequence too.  To edit a movie we can either type the full name including the path, or use the "browse" button (little button with 3 dots at the right-end of the grid edit field).

To delete a row we just remove the content of the row and then we click the ENTER key.

To change the sequence of the movies from a playlist we are using the right-click menu, like in the next image.

Note: Any change that we make into any of these 2 lists must be followed by a click on the SAVE button, from the bottom-right toolbar.

Player mode:
This mode is just for quick identification of the movies that you want to watch. You can play all movies by playing a playlist, or one movie at the time.

Watching a movie or playlist can be done either by selecting the "play" option from the right-click menu, or by clicking on the "play" button from the bottom-left toolbar.

The play playlist button has the double-play arrow icon (first from the toolbar).

The play movie button has the standard play icon (second from the toolbar).

The other 2 arrow buttons are used for hiding/showing the list of movies.

And also, the "save" button is for saving the modifications.

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