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Configure once, backup many times !

Cool Movie Browser has a module (tab) that allows you to perform file and folders backup. The Backup tab can be enabled or disabled from the Settings dialog, as it is shown below:

After we got access to the Backup screen, on its toolbar, beside the standard buttons (Settings, Info and WWW), we have 3 specific buttons: Run, Config and History that allow selecting the specific screens described below:

1. Configuration: is required as first step to configure at least one backup profile. A profile keeps a collection of source folders to be copied to their mapped destination folders.

A profile  contains the following configuration:
  •  name, to be easy to identify and know what kind of files we want to backup.
  • default destination folder, a global destination folder that can be used in case of multiple source folders, which go in the same place, in order to avoid configuring the same destination folder over and over for each source folder.
  • source - destination folders mapping, allows to select for individual source folders a specific destination folder, which will override the eventually default destination folder if defined.

We can have multiple profiles, as seen in the above image, grouping files in categories as: documents, pictures, movies, videos, applications etc.

Note: at least one backup profile configuration is required.

So, first time we have to:
  1. add a profile, afterwards  select the newly added profile
  2. configure its default destination folder & source - destination folders map
  3. Save it. 

2. Running: After we have configured we can run the profile backups.

We click on the Run toolbar button, and we get the below screen, where we have access to all configured backup profiles.

To run a backup we have to:
  1. select the profile from the drop-down list, called Backup Profile.
  2. check the configuration summary in the left-hand panel, called Profile Source Folders.
  3. click on the RUN BACKUP PROFILE to execute the backup.

Backup may take long time,depending of the number of folders and files that you want to backup.

Although, you can stop the backup process at any time, and restart it later.

The files that are already copied will be left there. When you re-start backing up the same profile, the existing files (same name + same length) are skipped, and only the new files are copied to the destination.

3. History: The backup running log files are visible under the history screen.

We click on the History toolbar button, and we get the below screen, where we have access to all ran  backup profiles sorted in descendent order (latest are first, the oldest are last).

To browse and see the history we have to:
  1. select one desired entry from the Backup History left-hand list.
  2. The content of the selected log file is displayed in the right-hand text area.

If the log file is bigger that 400 lines, then browsing up and down in the log can be done using:
- the Page Up / Page Down keys,
- scrolling up/down with the mouse middle wheel
- buttons Up/Down from the vertical scrollbar.
which allows loading the next or previous 400 lines from the file.

This is done to properly manage the performance and memory usage of browsing huge files.

Note: If you need more advanced analysis I recommend to use an external tool like Notepad++, using it directly on the log files, which are located:
- on Window at C:\Users\<user-name>\CoolMovieBrowser\logs\Backup
- on Linux is something similar /users/<user-name>/CoolMovieBrowser/logs/Backup.

Happy backing-up !!!

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