Cool Movie Browser allows you to play each movie with its own media player (i.e. you can set .avi files to be played with VLC Player, and all .mpg movies with Windows Media Player).

The beauty power of this is that it leverages the different / preferred media players on your computer, and you can play all kind of media files from one single interface.

For each discovered movie Cool Movie Browser will bring the poster image from the "cloud" (Internet), so you don't have to worry about identifying quickly your preferred  show.

Also, you can create and manage (create, edit, delete, reorder, play) your own playlists, or group the movies on categories (action, drama, comedy, kids, etc).

Note: This application can centralize different kind of files, not only movies. Because it's flexible and configurable, we can choose the extension of the file, which we need to see (.doc), and instead of setting the command line for WMPlayer, we can put the one for Office Word. Doing this you can easily manage all Word documents from your different hard-drives, in one single place.

Indeed it's cool!

Features Resume:
  • allows to select the movie file extensions, which you want to see in the interface (i.e. .avi .wmv .mpg) 
  • selects the folders where you have the files (on different hard-drives, on different computers using share folders, which are mapped on your CMB computer. 
  • allows to select for each movie file extension a specific media player to run. 
  • defines a default media player to play your movies, which aren't assigned at the previous step. 
  • discovers the movie poster for each movie, based on the movie file name -- recommended is to have it as clear as possible, i.e. The Terminator -1- (1984).avi, The Terminator -2- Judgment Day (1991).avi
  • creates playlists, and manage them (change order of the movies, rename, delete them). 
  • allows to rename a movie 
  • allows to delete movies from your computer (if you want). 
  • allows to change the poster image for any movie (in case the discovery didn't find a good image). 
  • allows to search and watch YouTube videos
  • groups the movies on user defined genres (action, drama, kids etc).
  • cleans the unused youtube and dailymotion images from the cache.
  • groups (collapses) the playlist movies into a single list entity (nice feature if you have series episodes).
  • allows to close the tabs, so user can disable some unused screens. They can be made visible from the Settings dialog.
  • discovers the movies meta-information from the .xml and .nfo files.
  • allows to search and watch Dailymotion videos.
  • allows to search and watch the videos of your favorite artists on the Music tab.
  • searches for the subtitles of your movies.
  • allows to search and watch UStream TV video channels.
  • allows to watch multiple videos in parallel with the MultiScreen panel.
  • allows to Backup a set of folders to another place/disk.
  • displays the video thumbnails on all the video screens (youtube, dailymotion, ustream etc).
  • allows to synchronize SRT and SUB subtitles in the Movies page.

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