1. Try the free version 5.6 - built on 07 July 2019

Cool Movie Browser - free trial version
Cool Movie Browser - free trial EE
(full access, no automatically updates; So, to enjoy it more, you have to go to step 2 - buy Pro version).

* Requires: Java = 1.8.0_xxx, 1 GB memory computer

Main features:
- simple backup tool
- files gatherer tool (video, audio, docs etc.)
- music explorer & viewer
- video portals (youtube, dailymotion, ustream etc.)
- favorites, online TV streams

Windows version
Linux version

2. Pro version - 5.5.190707

Cool Movie Browser -  $19.97 - $9.97
* One license allows you to run Cool Movie Browser on maximum 3 computers. If you have more computers then you have to buy more licenses!

You should carefully read the Software License Agreement document before downloading this software.

Payment options:
- Credit Card , PayPal , Bank/Wire Transfer , Check/Money Order , FAX Ordering , Invoice , Purchase Order

Payments are accepted in either:
- Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, and much more.
NOTE:  As a bonus, you can download for FREE my other applications:
- for personal finance Money On Thread,
- for synchronizing movie subtitles SyncSRTSubtitles, and
- the game Hit-Ball.

Cool Movie Browser (CMB) respects the rights of copyright holders and publishers and requires all users to confirm they own the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder of content. CMB doesn't store, share any files; it's just a browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, to access the web.

Cool Movie Browser REQUIRES JAVA > 1.8.0 on Windows, as well as Linux -- and if you don't have it, don't worry, the installer will propose to download it, directly from Oracle.


1. first click DOWNLOAD button, like in the below image

2. click on the "Open" option to open the CMB archive .zip file, which will be opened in a tool like WinRAR application

3. double-click on the installer executable, like in the below image:
4. follow the Install Wizard by pressing the "next" button.

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