Movie Library

The Movie Library collects all movies into a single list. Detects the info about each movie, and adds the subtitles for them.

Through a nice and simple interface, this software solution is able to scan and group all your video files, no matter the location where they are stored. There is also support for playlists, so you can add several files to such a list and play them in sequence.

Each title in your list can be played with a single click and there's a neat feature that allows yo to assign a certain player for a specific file extension. For instance, you can have Windows Media Player as the default player for AVIs and VLC for MPEG movies.

The list of movies can be displayed in many ways:
- as a slider left-right image carousel (as seen in the above image).
- a list with the images, and without images
- a grid of images
- expanded or collapsed Playlist movies.

The playlist can be created from the list of movies, and also they can later be managed by the below Playlist editor:

The movie or series Subtitles can be added by using the following dialog:

Synchronization of the SRT and SUB subtitles can be done using the following dialog:
More you can find the user's guide>>>

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