Release Notes

version 5.1.170612
- added tool to synchronize SRT and SUB subtitles in the Videos page.
- fixed the searching of artists in Music page.
- removed FilmOnTV, StreamLive pages, because they are not available anymore.
- fixed minor bugs.
version 5.0.170219
- added the saving of the Dailymotion videos.
- added the saving of the non-protected Youtube videos.
- added the MP3 conversion of the videos, using the VLC player if you have it installed.
- fixed minor bugs.
version 4.3.170101
- fixed the FilmOnTV page.
- fixed the Music page.
- fixed the Youtube page.
- fixed minor bugs.
version 4.3.160821
- allow multiple instances of the CoolMovieBrowser in parallel.
- fixed the YouTube playback.
- removed the unsupported buttons from Music library.
- disabled the Veetle and CastAlba tabs, because they are not available anymore.
- added the sports page #9 for MLB.
- enhanced subtitles discovery.
- improved the search algorithm, to support negative queries, like '-soccer' means 'without soccer'.
- fixed minor bugs.
version 4.2.160218
- updated the thumbnail presentation for the Video library.
- fixed the castalba page.
- fixed minor bugs.
version 4.2.160124
- added the 'video thumbnail' view, setting and button.
- added the 'ignore folders' to the Backup tool.
- improved the subtitles discovery.
- fixed the 'too long' right-click menu on Movies.
- improved the error page.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 4.1.151215
- added the StreamLive sport page.
- added the to subtitles discovery.
- replaced the DE Streams with StreamLive ones.
- made the upgrade dialog more user-friendly.
- fixed the sorting for NHL page.
- updated the NHL and hockey and other sport icons.
- remove warning message from Veetle player page.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 4.0.150825
- optimization of the startup speed and resources loading.
- completely redesigned the user interface.

version 3.5.150621
- added the German Live TVs tab.
- fixed streams on UStream tab.
- delay 400ms displaying of the search field to the Live Sport tab.
- toggle the sport favorite selection on the same group.
- improved the name detection for subtitles.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 3.5.150505
- enhance Favorites to the Live Sport tab.
- fixed streams on CastAlba tab.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 3.5.150406
- added NHL page on the Live Sport tab.
- added Favorites to the Live Sport tab.
- fixed some links for the Online TV tab.
- fixed subtitles discovery on the Movies tab.
- added duration to the video list presentation.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 3.5.150301
- added the Cool Backup Tool tab, which allows to perform files/folders backup to another place/disk.
- added the server searching on Music screen.
- allows deleting action to the artist list on Music screen.
- allows collapse/expand panels on the Music screen.
- improved slightly the settings dialog.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 3.5.150101
- added the MultiScreen panel for all video tabs.
- added the FilmOnTV panel.
- automatically resize the videos when the main window resizes.
- added few more links: nhl, wikipedia, tsn radio, sportsnet, animal planet.
- remember the frame UI-settings (size & position).
- fixed minor bugs.

version 3.4.141111
- added the search on the bottom of the live-sports pages.
- added the 'no available video' image when not found any stream.
- added the Dailymotion links to the music panel 'artist videos'.
- added the regex for blocking the ads.
- added the HOOFOOT page to the sports.
- updated the NASA links.
- made the sports loading to be asynchronous (optimization).
- fixed the VLC path on Linux.
- fixed the subtitles download.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 3.3.140901
- fixed the YouTube search.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 3.2.140714
- added Cricfree sport live streams page.
- fixed the YouTube search.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 3.1.140601
- added UStream videos tab.
- update the icons and added labels to buttons.
- increased the trail version timeout-limitation from 5 min to 10 days.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 3.0.140511
- added Music library tab.
- added the "subtitle discovery" feature to the Movie library.
- transformed the Playlist tab to an internal dialog.
- blocked the ad-popups from the Live Sport tab.
- optimized startup and size of the application.
- fixed bugs.

version 2.9.140209
- added links: FranceTV Pluzz, Antena 3 TV, Realitatea TV to OnlineTV tab.
- updated icon for the Winter Olympic @ Sochi.
- blocked the ads popups from the Live Sport tab.
- optimized the size of the application.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.9.140121
- added the CastAlbaTV tab.
- updated the online sport links.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.8.131208
- updated CMB to work automatically with any architecture of Java (32 bits or 64 bits).
- updated the online sport links.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.7.130505
- display the video duration for the Dailymotion, Youtube and Veetle.
- detect the Veetle playlist items.
- corrected the search on YouTube.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.7.130404
- added the Dailymotion videos tab.
- fixed the links and images for the online sports streams page.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.7.130203
- updated the online sports page.
- corrected the access to YouTube videos and search.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.7.121101
- fixed online sports page.
- added the error page for HTTP failures.

version 2.7.120827
- fixed the search on YouTube.
- added the movie ordering on "adding date", so the most recent ones are displayed first.

version 2.7.120512
- made closable tabs.
- fixed the start page for Veetle.
- discovered the .xml and .nfo meta-tag information.
- improved the memory usage.
- cleaning the unused image files.
- added Justin TV screen (tab).
- fixed minor bugs

version 2.6.120205
- grouped the playlist items into a single entry (like folders, exapdable or collapsible).
- improved the update dialog.
- fixed refresh of veetle links.
- added , TED and KHAN Academy to online TVs.
- fixed discovery of the Veetle images.
- removed the page #4 of sport links.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.5.111112
- added more live sports links (4).
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.4.111019
- added more live sports links (1, 2, 3).
- added all online Veetle channels to the favorite list on Veetle tab.
- fixed the YouTube "most viewed" video list
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.3.110908
- fixed the startup bug (CMB didn't start) at the instalation from scratch (first installation).
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.2.110815
- added more online TV links (BBC, SkyNews).
- added the scroll left and right buttons (easy scrolling on touchpads).
- allows to edit movie info (remove and/or change the IMDb identifier by clicking, for more than 2 seconds, on "More Info..." button).
- added the automatically update (you'll see it on the next Pro version, when it will automatically update it).
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.1.110622
- added the scrolling image list (like the iTunes) on drag-and-drop with the mouse.
- optimized the start-up of the application (faster discovering of the movies).
- added the "more information" button to display more info about the selected movie.
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.0.110505
- added category menu option Clear All for assigned categories.
- fixed the Sport Live TV page.
- added floating toolbar to the link editors (Online TV and Veetle TV).
- fixed minor bugs.

version 1.9.110404
- added the floating toolbar in Movie Library screen,
- added the rename and delete of the categories in a right-click menu,
- improved the movie poster image discovery,
- increased width of the main window to nicely accomodate the Veetle screen.

version 1.8.110304
- updated the online TV links list
- UI update of the online screens (split panel).
- fixed minor bugs.

version 1.7.110202
- UI update of the online screens.
- enhancement of the errors log
- fixed minor bugs.

version 1.6.110108
- added "Veetle video" screen (browser + favorites).
- added more sport links button to the Sport Live TV screen.
- enhancement of the errors log
- cleanup the unused youtube images.

version 1.5.101206
- added "YouTube" screen (recent, search + watch).
- added "category" feature to group the movies.
- enhancement the UI (icons + bigger fonts)
- fixed minor bugs.

version 1.4.101017
- added "Online Live TV" screen.
- support the Linux OS (Ubuntu 10.10).
- fixed minor bugs.

version 1.3.101010
- added "Play Playlist" button to Playlist screen.
- added "Play Movie" button to Playlist screen.
- added the "Show/Hide" movies panel in Playlist screen
- fixed minor bugs.

version 1.2.101005
- added tab panel to select different screens.
- added the Playlists editor as a standalone page
- added the Sport Live TV - online streams - page
- fixed minor bugs.

version 1.1.100929
- replaced the "hide names" check-box with 3 radio buttons (hide none, hide images, hide names)
- improved the list presentation by having the folder path drawn with gray color
- fixed minor bugs.

version 1.0.100925
- new release

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