Video presentation

The main features added to the version 1.6.110108:

1. The ONLINE STREAM LINKS, accessible by clicking one of the buttons from the top toolbar (Page#1, Page#2 ...), which will open a simple page providing the live links to the current sport events of the day. Clicking on the links will open a new browser window with the selected video / game.

You can see here live football, hockery, rugby, basketball, baseball, tennis and more games of the day.

NOTE: IF A STREAM LINK IS NOT WORKING TRY OTHER !!! You can find more sports on USTREAM tab, just open the tab and SEARCH for it.

Cool Movie Browser is an open window to your favorite online streams (sports, movies, youtube and veetle videos). Very soon it will let you save youtube to your computer :o))

Video presentation:

- version 3.x (2014) -